Black Rock and Sandringham Conservation Association Inc. 

A0021210W Victoria


BRASCA Inc. members, with the necessary Council approval and support, are removing weeds and exotic plants, and are planting thousands of young indigenous trees and shrubs on the cliff top and cliff face in the Black Rock and Sandringham area. Many have perished, but many are flourishing.

BRASCA Inc. members started Bayside's Community Plant Nursery (on the west side of Reserve Road, Cheltenham, just south of Talinga Road, Melway 77D12). This is now run by Bayside City Council with volunteer help. The Plant Nursery raises from seed plants native to this area (indigenous plants). Those plants are used by Bayside Council and any surplus is sold to the public.

BRASCA Inc. was successful in having concrete dumped by the former Sandringham City Council on a sandy beach just south of Black Rock Point removed from that beach at the orders of the then Victorian Minister for Conservation, Hon. Bill Borthwick.

BRASCA Inc. supports PUBLIC access to all swimming and inshore boating areas, and opposes bay filling, erection of any more buildings on the foreshore, and any further alienation of foreshore land from public use.