Black Rock and Sandringham Conservation Association Inc.

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History of BRASCA Inc.

BRASCA Inc. grow out of the experience of citizens in Black Rock, Sandringham and Beaumaris that, in 1969, banded together to prevent the cliff top vegetation near the Black Rock Yacht Club from being cleared to make way for a paved car park.

It was apparent that there was a need for an organization of citizens to guard and improve the state of the foreshore. The Beaumaris Conservation Society called a meeting to form such a body, and the Black Rock and Sandringham Conservation Association (BRASCA) was the outcome.

The Association has met and worked regularly since March, 1970, co-operating with the municipal council, government departments and other organizations with similar aims.

BRASCA Inc. is a founding Member Organization of Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc, which represents some 13 conservation organizations around Port Phillip Bay.