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27th April 1998
PPCC Inc. Policy Statement No. 8

Bicycle Roads Around Port Phillip


The primary concern when planning bicycle roads on public land adjoining the Port Phillip coastline must be to avoid environmental damage. Routes should be selected with this criterion in mind, and must be located on road reserves, and not on foreshore reserves. The term 'bicycle road' is used, rather than the misleading term 'bicycle path', because bicycles are vehicles, which should be used on a road even if it is exclusively for bicycles. 


Remnant Vegetation: Where bicycle roads are to be constructed near remnant vegetation, their route should be no closer to such remnant vegetation than its perimeter. Bicycle roads should not be constructed through any such remnant vegetation, because of the resulting damage caused by loss of canopy, wind erosion, and entry of weed species, which thrive on clearings. This damage, called the 'edge effect', becomes worse as time goes on, and would be lessened if the bicycle road skirted remnant vegetation. Bicycle roads should be fenced to prevent cyclists cutting their own tracks through the adjoining bushland. 


This original version of PPCC Inc. Policy Statement No. 8 was adopted by a General Meeting of Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc. on 27th April 1998.